Dr. Abigail Ross is a woman with a problem. She's invented the Loop, a machine capable of sending people through time, yet she's the last person in the world you'd want to have access to all of history. An abusive father and murderous mother have left her a headstrong alcoholic, emotionally inaccessible, and completely incapable of love. Pity no one bothered telling that to her partner Zachary Walker, the timid history professor who has inadvertently fallen head over heels for her.

Too little too late, Abby discovers true love. But, with the typical bad timing of this pair of timecross'd lovers, the Loop is stolen, Zachary is killed and Abby finds herself in a strange new world where she is a second-rate technician and engaged to a guy named Paris. But Zach's death is only the beginning of their love and adventures. Can Abby overcome skewed realities, alternate timelines, her inner demons and a godlike Storyteller to once again cross paths with her soulmate?

Award-winning playwright Sean K. Thompson has created a thrilling new novel based on his successful stage play. Hundreds of theatergoers saw the story live on stage. Now, new worlds, literal and figurative, are opened to a whole new audience with this novel.

Timecross'd: Your typical tale where boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl loses boy, girl finds boy, boy dies, and then the real fun begins...