Sean K. Thompson was born in 1965 on an Air Force base in Austin, Texas. Before his first birthday he had relocated to San Diego, California as the son of a United States naval officer. In the early 1970s he moved to Yokosuka, Japan, and a few years later made his way to Portsmouth, England, being the first American to go to the vanguard school there in its 250-year-plus history. In the early 1980s he returned to Texas, where he put down roots in Houston and did his four-year stint at the University of St. Thomas before starting his family. He currently resides in Houston with his teenaged son and toddler daughter.

When he was six years old, Sean picked up a copy of Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time. By the time he had finished reading it he knew he wanted to become a writer. In 1979 in England, he won the coveted Leonardo da Vinci Award for his first short story, Starfire VI. Sean also wrote Calling Metropolis, which was produced in 1995 when it won the Fort Bend Theatre.s Members. Choice Award. Two years later he finished his next dramatic stage play, Timecross.d, where it was produced at Masquerade Theatre and The Country Playhouse in Houston.

Soon after, Sean was persuaded to adapt Timecross'd to novel form. Despite the difficulties of transforming a stage play into book form, he set about the task. In the script-to-book transformation, new heights and depths of the story emerged, culminating in this novel.

Sean's most recent screenplay, Jack Everyman, has begun filming for a Summer 2005 release with ZakCom Entertainment Productions. When not raising his children, he is hard at work on two new book projects, including the sequel to Timecross'd. In rare free moments, he acts in, plays music in, directs, produces, and writes for local theatre. He is also the Founder of the Houston Underground Players, a variety revue troupe.